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Headlines for the Yuma, AZ civil engineering firm, whether it's surveying, SWPPP or transportation services, or Frosty the Improbable Snowman...

Below are our past news items.

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Core on the Move

Core's rapid growth since its inception in 2004 has outpaced the growth of Yuma, demanding more working space, which the engineering group will be getting as it moves into a brand-new office building ( read more... )

Granite Surveying Launches

In conjunction with Colvin Engineering Associates, Core Engineering Group has established Granite Surveying, LLC, as a dedicated survey team for all of its projects. ( read more... )

Frosty Returns to Yuma!

Frosty 2006

Core's own Frosty the improbable desert snowman made his rounds for 2006, and now you can follow him. Who says you can't have December in July? ( read more... )

Core Brings Frosty to Yuma

This Christmas season Core Engineering Group, PLLC, didn't just send out greeting cards and gift baskets full of tamales: Core sent out Frosty, the highly improbable desert snowman, to add a smile and memory to the holiday of their clients and friends. Follow Frosty on part of his day, and meet some of the people he met on our 2005 Holiday Slideshow. ( read more... )

New Choice in Civil Engineering

Core Engineering Group, PLLC, brought a fresh but proven civil engineering solution to Arizona and Southern California in February, 2004. By the end of 2004, Core had over sixty projects to its name, including an Arizona Department of Transportation Minor On-Call contract, several other ADOT projects, city government assignments, and large private developments.  ( read more... )