Core's New Office

Core's rapid growth since its inception in 2004 has outpaced the growth of Yuma, demanding more workspace, which the engineering group now enjoys in a brand-new office building at 200 E. 16th Street. The new office takes up half the first floor of the new two-story building on 16th St. & 1st Ave, providing Core with more space and better accessibility than its previous 24th St. & Arizona Ave. location.

The previous office saw Core grow from an ambitious startup to its current status as an established and still-growing engineering firm, providing state-, county-, and city-level government and utility project services as well as private development on both large and small scales. Combining local attention and knowledge with big-firm quality has been Core's forte, and the relocation is a move along the same line. The new location brings Core closer to the city's administrative center and puts the company on prime real estate to, say, oversee its recently awarded 16th St. contracts.

Construction is now complete! See below for pictures covering the life of the project. Hover over a picture for its description.

A two-story building is shown, its conceptual drawing fading into a finished photo. A line of people smile at the camera holding ceremonial shovels with golden blades for the groundbreaking.Those holding the shovels dig in.Doug Nicholls, PE RLS, and his wife Danette smile at the groundbreaking ceremony.